See how we're making meat better

New Zealand’s beef and lamb story

Knowing how our food is produced, and the implications for our health and the health of the planet, is more important now than ever before.

With growing public concern around the impact of farming, chemicals and additives, there’s a lot to look out for – and a lot of info to chew on!

So get more facts in your diet – and see how New Zealand’s natural production systems make a real difference to the things we all care about. 

Better for animals

Our animals graze outside all year round with minimal intervention, as nature intended.

That’s better for the animals and makes our meat better. 

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Better for you

Our beef and lamb is naturally raised and lean because it’s grass-fed.

That’s better for you and makes our meat better. 

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Better for the planet

Our farming systems are grass-based and use very low amounts of irrigation or fertiliser. 

That’s better for the environment and makes our meat better.

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Better for communities

Our farms are nearly all family owned and the sector supports over 90,000 jobs across New Zealand. 

That’s better for our communities and makes our meat better. 

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Want more of the story?

Some key food concerns are more complex than an easy headline. So get the bigger picture – and the facts – from leading Kiwi experts.

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Something else to chew on

A few 'bite-sized' bits of proof – showing why New Zealand's making meat better.

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