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With more and more ‘facts’ about food production appearing on social media and elsewhere, it’s worth understanding which are based in real concerns ... and whether the truth is as simple as some commentators claim.

We’ve asked New Zealand experts to comment on some growing claims and beliefs around the production of food.

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  • Does growing a kilo of meat, really use 15,000 litres of water

    Does it really take 15,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilo of meat?

    Stewart Ledgard, a world leader in Life Cycle Analysis, breaks down the science behind this number. Find out about comparing water footprints between food products and what ‘conscious consumers’ should look for.  

  • Can’t a non-meat diet be just as healthy, and balanced

    Can’t a non-meat diet be just as healthy and balanced?

    Registered nutritionist Nikki Hart talks about changing diets and how best to get the nutrition our bodies need – and how important it is to get balanced information about this.

  • How does red meat stack up for the planet?

    How does red meat stack up for the planet?

    Internationally recognised plant science and climate resilience researcher Derrick Moot talks about different food production systems and issues like soil carbon, water use, deforestation and more.